Protect Your Home
Against Faulty Aluminum Wire

The AlumiConn Connector Eliminates the Fire Hazard
Found in Aluminum Wired Homes and Apartment Buildings

New to the Aluminum Wire Problem?

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I just wanted to report that we have used many of your devices, and find them much better than any other solution to the aluminum wiring problem. Thanks for bringing out this product. You can count on my support and continued recommendations!

Jeff Carlson
Electrician, MN

The AlumiConn lug offers a permanent solution to the problems encountered when repairing electrical installation of solid aluminum conductors. I consider this method superior to anything currently available and its use will greatly enhance the safety of repairs made to aluminum branch circuit wiring.

Rick Hill
Chief Electrical Inspector, St Louis County, MO


The product exceeded my expectations. I have now used about sixty of these devices to correct aluminum to copper wiring deficiencies. Ingenious and a money/labor saver!

William Stavenger

This is about the most straightforward, reliable approach to making connections with old aluminum wiring. Just strip the wire, insert, and torque the screw down to specifications.