2-Port AlumiConn Connectors Now Available!

You’ve been asking for 2-port AlumiConn connectors for a while now and we’re happy to report they’re finally available! They’re just like the 3-port AlumiConns you already know, but come in a smaller housing which will fit better in smaller boxes.

You can purchase 2-port AlumiConn connectors here.

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  1. Maggie Nguyen
    Maggie Nguyen says:

    With 2-port alumiconn, 2 ports is for connecting hot wire and neutral wire, is it right? (And uses wire nut for ground wire, is it right?)

    • pete
      pete says:

      NO! Splicing it the way you suggested is inaccurate and can be very dangerous. Please visit our installation instructions page for more information, or better yet, hire a licensed electrician and let them install it for you. This isn’t something you want to cut corners on.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    So are aluminum to aluminum connections safe? I’m assuming the problem only comes in when there are different materials. Is the any reason to add copper pigtails to all aluminum connections?

  3. Paul McG.
    Paul McG. says:

    Regarding Maggie’s questions and your response:

    1. Your website does not have instructions for the use of the 2-port lug, so while the link is appreciated, it’s not very helpful.

    2. Is the use of the 2-port lug limited to applications without a ground wire or to use on the terminal plug on a line, i.e., where there’s no power-out?

    3. While the illustration is helpful, since the “device” at which these pigtails will typically terminate likely has separate terminals for hot, neutral, and ground wires, the illustration is a little confusing in that regard.

    4. If this is not the terminal receptacle in the circuit, then an additional three lugs will be required for pigtails on “the other side” of this receptacle, right?

    I think I may have miscalculated the number I need.

    • pete
      pete says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1) I realize the confusion (and we’ll take care of that shortly), but the installation instructions are identical for both the 3 and 2 port AlumiConns.

      2) The 2 port is best used when no power out is required as it helps to save space.

      3) Understandable. I’ll have our designer look into this.

      4) If I understand your question correctly, I believe you could use 3-port AlumiConns to “daisy chain” the power on and to minimize the connectors required.


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