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Since it's release into the market in 2006, the AlumiConn electrical connector has received numerous positive reviews including from The Consumer Product Safety Commission, hundreds of homeowners, electrical contractors across North America, many home inspectors, home owner association boards, to name a few. Here's just a sample of what we receive week after week!

Jesse Aronstein, Ph. DConsulting Engineer, BME, MSME, NYS PE Lic. No. 39860

On the basis of my test results, the AlumiConn connector is predicted to have a high probability of failure-free long-term safe performance, provided that the setscrews are carefully tightened according to the instructions provided with the product.

The AlumiConn lug offers a permanent solution to the problems encountered when repairing electrical installation of solid aluminum conductors. I consider this method superior to anything currently available and its use will greatly enhance the safety of repairs made to aluminum branch circuit wiring.

Rick Hill
Chief Electrical Inspector, St Louis County, MO

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I just wanted to report that we have used many of your devices, and find them much better than any other solution to the aluminum wiring problem. Thanks for bringing out this product. You can count on my support and continued recommendations!

Jeff Carlson
Electrician, MN

The product exceeded my expectations. I have now used about sixty of these devices to correct aluminum to copper wiring deficiencies. Ingenious and a money/labor saver!

William Stavenger
Stan Alaska

I have a degree in electrical engineering and I'm an avid and competent do-it-yourself-er, so when I came up with this problem, I knew I had to do something. The AlumiConn was a quality engineered product and I thought, This is a permanent solution. And beyond that, it's easy to install and small enough that all the connectors will fit inside the junction box I'll be using. And I had a very comfortable feeling being a rental owner and being liable for my renters safety that it took something like this AlumiConn to satisfy that, and they did. It's just great!

Great product. Easy to use. Better connection than purple wirenuts. Highly recommended to buy these connectors when you encounter aluminum wiring in your home and need to do the copper pigtails at your outlets and switches.

Ed W.

I found out my whole house is wired with aluminum. I purchased 30 of these to do pigtails to the new switches and lights I installed. Great for DIY electrical.

M. Barthicus

This is about the most straightforward, reliable approach to making connections with old aluminum wiring. Just strip the wire, insert, and torque the screw down to specifications.


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Philip Davis Very Thorough Homeowner

Finally! A rational, reasonable, affordable alternative for taming the aluminum wire menace. The only 100% solution is to rewire your house with copper. Meanwhile, the rest of us live in the real world. The COPALUM crimp system has been around for years, but is still very expensive and it can be a challenge to find a company-trained and -certified electrician to do the job.

​Enter AlumiConn: basically a little set-screw bus bar encased in a plastic box with the wire holes packed with antioxidant sealing grease. The connections are super secure, sealed, and the aluminum and copper never touch.

If you do some research you'll find that the UL-approved installation requires an inch-pound torque screwdriver. I did a destructive test and found that the #10 aluminum and #12 copper wires were nicely squished under the set screw when following the company's instructions without the expensive screwdriver. After decades of tightening fasteners and terminals, I have confidence in these things.​

Cons: Only 3 terminals [editors note: we now offer 2 terminal AlumiConns, too], big enough to require larger remodel boxes if you're working with devices like dimmers​. 

Pros: Quality construction and materials, not nearly as bulky as you'd expect, in-line wire arrangement makes box stuffing easier.​

I used the alternate torque method you suggested (counting 1/2 or full turn of the set screw after initial wire/screw contact) and found it worked well. I am passing the word around here about the product to local electrical suppliers that I know.

I believe AlumiConns are the logical cost effective alternative to Copalum and better than AL/CU rated wire nuts as it maintains a physical separation between the copper and aluminum conductors. 

I really think these AlumiConn connectors may do quite well and I am hoping so. Thanks for all the help and correspondence you gave me throughout my issue!​​


The other alternative consists of two products that can help reduce the inherent risks. Experts’ advice use of either COPALUM or Alumiconn devices to mitigate the risk. COPALUM is a device that cold-welds the termination points of these two metals. However, COPALUM is not very popular due to the costs and inconvenience involved in its use. Regulations require that you use a certified repairman to do the job. Such repairmen are not easy to find. On the other hand, the AlumiConn is easier to install. Alumiconn, which stands for Aluminum-to-Copper connectors, contains a unique lug design that enables it to separate aluminum and copper wires in a safe and inexpensive manner.

Online Magazine

Your product is a godsend... it helps control a potential fire hazard caused by inadequate or cheap aluminum wiring that was initially installed when our condo's were built. My personal preference is try my best to be as safe as possible rather than sorry.

Lee Archibald

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