Can I use an AlumiConn connector in a breaker box?

I get this question frequently and, unfortunately, you cannot use an AlumiConn in the breaker box (also known as a panel box or a fuse box). This comes directly from the NEC code. I will have a link to the NEC code shortly.

In the meantime, customers should use a breaker or bus bar that is dual rated for both aluminum and copper wire.

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  1. Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw says:

    I was wondering where in the NEC does it say you cannot splice a wire in a breaker box. We splice wires all the time in breaker boxes on remodels, as code 312.8 allows.

    If you are aware of another code that contradicts this code I would appreciate if you could post the code on here. A link is not necessary, just post the code number.

    As long as you do not use up more than 75% of the cross sectional area of the panel, the splices and connectors are allowed. In other words, do not pack the panel board tight, there must be room for heat dissipation.


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