Citizens Insurance OKs AlumiConn Connector

I just read that Citizens Insurance recently announced they would write new policies for homes that have aluminum wiring, so long as there is an approved method to remedy the aluminum wire threat. And one such remedy is the AlumiConn aluminum-to-copper connector.

The article from states,

“Citizens has approved two types of electrical wire connectors — known as AlumiConn and Copalum — as acceptable methods to avoid rewiring, Citizens spokeswoman Christine Ashburn said.”

So, homeowners in Florida who have aluminum wire in their homes can breath a sigh of relief as they’re now able to use the AlumiConn connector as an approved device to mitigate the potential danger associated with aluminum wire while maintaining insurance coverage.

This is a pretty big deal for homeowners with aluminum wire because previously, most insurance companies distanced themselves from writing policies on aluminum-wired homes because there really weren’t many affordable solutions available. This left homeowners with a choice between bad and worse – Repair the aluminum wire in your home using current approved methods, with costs starting around $5,000 or completely rewire your home with copper which can potentially run into the tens of thousands.

Thankfully for Floridians, that’s now a thing of the past.

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  1. Adam Anderson
    Adam Anderson says:

    I recently purchased a 1976 house in Satellite Beach. The electrician was replacing the fuse panel and noticed aluminum wiring for the dryer, stove and A/C unit. He gave me a estimate of $1,400.00 to replace the aluminum wiring with copper on these appliance circuits. Will the “AlumiConn connector” work on these appliance circuits and associated wire gauge? Has there been any word from Federated National Insurance Company if they will accept this repair as a permanet fix?


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