Does State Farm Allow AlumiConn Connectors?

We’ve recently gotten word that State Farm Insurance is now allowing for AlumiConn connectors to repair the aluminum wire in residences. We were told this by a customer of ours who said his agent confirmed it with State Farm’s underwriting department.

Specifically, they were told by the underwriting depart that, “Any home with existing aluminum wiring needs to have a certificate from a licensed electrician showing that it has been repaired using methods approved by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.”

And since the Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved the AlumiConn, we believe State Farm insurers are now covered and can keep and/or lower their insurance premiums.

So, if you use State Farm as your insurer, please contact your agent and ask them about it.

Conversely, please contact us if your agent says otherwise as we want to be sure to have the most up to date information.

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  1. Mike Richardson
    Mike Richardson says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know I verified with the State Farm Claims department today that the Alumiconn connectors are okay to use on your house and there are no issues with your homeowners policy if you use these. Good news!

  2. murphy moore
    murphy moore says:

    The State Farm claims office doesn’t make decisions on whether this new method is acceptable. The word needs to come from the Underwriting department. I just learned of this new method and am checking with Underwriting now regarding its use in apartment buildings.


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