Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation Questions

The AlumiConn looks big – Does it fit into boxes easily?

Do I need to be licensed at all to install AlumiConn?

What size conductors does AlumiConn handle?

Can I use the AlumiConn in a panel/breaker/fuse box?

How many AlumiConn connectors fit into a box?

Product Questions

Which insurance providers accept AlumiConn as a safe remedy to repair aluminum wiring?

What are the dimensions of the AlumiConn connectors?

Is AlumiConn UL and/or CSA listed?

Where can I get your MSDS sheet for the AlumiConn?

Can I reuse an AlumiConn connector?

Ordering Questions

Do you offer 4 or 6 port AlumiConn connectors?

Do you sell a torque screwdriver?

Do you sell AlumiConns in my local area?

Do you ship to Canada?

I’m having technical difficulty completing my order. Any suggestions?

Do you offer special pricing for bulk orders?

What is your return policy? How do I issue a return?

How much does shipping cost?